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Why monitor network traffic?

18th Oct 2022

Why monitor network traffic?

Just as the roads need Traffic Officers to monitor vehicular traffic and keep people travelling safely and smoothly, so do our data networks need a supervisory eye to monitor network traffic.

The complex connectivity architectures of the Capital Markets sector – whether in the cloud or on‑premise; at the network, application or business level – carry traffic that moves at miles per millisecond. Their performance and accuracy are crucial for trading success and profitability.


Problem detection

Microseconds matter in trading!

It’s no good if prices are showing in the application at a certain calibre but in reality there has been a connectivity delay which has resulted in poorer trade.

By constantly monitoring the network connectivity even the shortest microsecond delays that can nevertheless damage trading results can be detected and flagged.

Bandwidth utilisation and microbursts of network activity can also be monitored.

Just like Smart Motorways any delays, bottle-necks and breakdowns can be pin-pointed in detail to understand where there are problems with network devices, and to go into much closer inspection than averaging out bandwidth usage.

In addition, any problems with market data or venue connectivity as flagged over the Financial Information Exchange protocol can also be monitored. This enables network performance problems to be anticipated and trades to be protected.


Third-party monitoring

Network traffic monitoring makes the location of network problems visible. This means that disputes between clients and third parties over performance issues can be avoided, and any liabilities can be swiftly pin-pointed.

Trouble-shooting and issue resolution can be extremely time consuming and costly without collating accurate recordings and evidence of network traffic activity.


Trading platform confidence

Having the capability to monitor network traffic at all times, and to understand how connections are performing round the clock, enhances trading confidence in the platform.

System performance is of utmost importance across all sectors of business and industry, however in a financial trading context it is particularly crucial.

Having robust, reliable and dedicated performance monitoring protocols readily accessible that are fully tried and tested making suggestions on how to improve performance across the network, application and operational level is a huge advantage.

With monitoring at every level of the network and its interfaces insights into connections, transactions, trade volume, profitability and workflow problems are all made visible in a unified view of performance.


Beeks’ offering

Beeks Analytics offers an innovative, secure, dedicated and cost-effective network traffic monitoring service that is tailor-made to the requirements of financial trading environments.

Partnered with Beeks Cloud infrastructure Beeks Analytics provides a level of performance insight that other hyperscale cloud providers would not be able to access.


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