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When to choose multi-cloud in capital markets trading firms

4th Oct 2022

Determining when to choose multi-cloud environments in capital markets firms is entirely dependent upon the profile and needs of the business.


What is multi-cloud?

The different permutations of cloud terminology can be confusing.

Simply put multi-cloud means private cloud plus connectivity to more than one public cloud service provider. It’s a hybrid configuration connecting to multiple hyperscale public cloud providers depending on the application requirements and preferences of the organisation.

Private cloud is the exclusive domain of a single tenant.

Public cloud refers to the likes of Azure, Oracle, AWS or Google.

Hybrid cloud means combining private with public networks.


Choice by default

For most enterprises, multi-cloud environments may already be a reality. Applications such as Office 365, Oracle HR, Kubernetes, Salesforce, SAP and Xero are already delivered in the public cloud, whether Azure, Oracle, Google, AWS or SAP HANA.

Typically applications work best on their native cloud. So Office 365 is better running on Azure and HR and payroll applications are better on Oracle.

As a result financial organisations are already being thrust into the public multi-cloud arena whether they realise it or not.


What are the benefits of a multi-cloud approach for capital markets trading firms?

Embracing multi-cloud gives organisations the functionality they need on the best-performing platforms, without proprietary development effort.

Multi-cloud Software as a Service (SaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) enables companies to gain greater control over their costs by introducing commercials that are OpEx rather than CapEx based.

Ultimately cloud IaaS gives firms the ability to focus on core competencies while their systems and services are handled.


Beeks’ offering

What is Beeks’ role in multi-cloud architecture?

As specialists in the technical infrastructure underpinning capital markets trading Beeks Group is highly experienced and knowledgeable about all the different permutations of private, public and hybrid cloud capabilities, and how far these are suitable for the needs of financial institutions.

We offer secure, high-performance, guaranteed hybrid cloud Infrastructure as a Service all around the globe, and can accommodate exclusive, single-tenant security requirements, as well as replication of hosting. We are the people who can help connect you to all the cloud providers you need in a safe environment, bypassing the public internet.

Whilst Beeks recognises the cost-effective value of public cloud shared resources offering businesses cost-effective services, we also recommend a ‘horses for courses’ approach. This means ensuring that our customers align the importance of their workload with the relevant solution. Hybrid cloud IaaS delivers flexibility and choice with no compromise to security, privacy or performance.


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