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VMX EndToEnd launches

18th Apr 2016

Beeks Analytics (formerly Velocimetrics), the leading provider of intelligent, real-time business flow tracking and performance analysis solutions, today announces the launch of VMX EndToEnd. This innovative platform will enable buy and sell-side firms, trading venues and technology providers to deploy the entire spectrum of advanced functionality required to track and analyse in real-time exactly what is happening across complete business processes with a single, integrated, solution. VMX EndToEnd has applicability across a whole range of use cases including: pricing, trading and payment processing.

Firms seeking to effectively monitor and analyse the real-time performance of fast, complex or dynamic trading or payment processing environments often find they need to employ multiple vendor solutions to achieve the breadth and depth of coverage required. However, integrating various different solutions can prove complicated and generate unnecessary risks, costs and challenges on an on-going basis.

Eliminating these issues, VMX EndToEnd introduces a completely new approach to how environments can be comprehensively tracked and analysed in real-time. VMX EndToEnd integrates high performance data capture, with extensive real-time correlation and alerting capabilities, sophisticated network, market data, middleware and business level analytics, and detailed forensic analysis tools. The result: Users can immediately detect, investigate and effectively control issues at both a business and technical level. Emerging capacity, latency, operational risk, client experience and regulatory concerns can be highlighted using predictive analytics and powerful actionable insights delivered.

With this innovative approach, for the first time users will be able to deploy a single solution that will:

  • Independently trace the exact path taken by every single market data tick, trade or payment from the very moment these items enter the business process to the point they complete. Effectively detecting the cause and effect relationships that exist between different data elements, the entire chain of events can be tied together, comprehensively analysed and recorded in real-time.
  • Provide a real-time understanding of the quality of all market data streams down to the individual instrument level
  • And provide all teams impacted by an incident, from infrastructure groups right through to client facing staff with the relevant and timely information they need to effectively quantify and control an issue’s impact. Delivering technical, business and client-service level insight

All of which is possible regardless of the business area being supported, how complex, high volume or geographically distributed the process may be, or whether the trade or payment completes in nanoseconds or over several weeks or months.

Commenting on this announcement a representative of Beeks Analytics stated:

“This development marks a major milestone in Beeks Analytics’ evolution. For the first time, firms will be able to deploy a one-stop solution to the many tracking, regulatory and data quality management issues they face today and will experience in the future. The new platform enables customers to select the precise pieces of functionality they require, vary these by location and, if they wish, add modules over time. Firms can now address their tactical and strategic operational goals in a very cost-effective manner.”

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