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Unique, modular, cost-effective data analytics for 100Gbps launched by Beeks Analytics (Formerly Velocimetrics)

1st Jul 2020

Beeks Analytics’ (Formerly Velocimetrics) unique approach to allow companies to analyse all enterprise data at just 50% of current costs


1 July 2020, London: Beeks Analytics (Formerly Velocimetrics), a Beeks Financial Cloud company (AIM: BKS) and the leader in business flow tracking and real-time, in-stream performance analytics, is today announcing a unique, modular, software-only approach to monitoring and analytics of 100Gbps network feeds. Exchanges and trading companies can now fast-track their move to 100Gbps using their existing hardware, rather than having to invest in new, dedicated and expensive servers. The new solution enables each business to decide their best implementation strategy and control the cost and phasing of the transition. The innovation was launched in response to increasing demand from the market for real-time monitoring capability for 100Gbps.

Gordon McArthur, CEO of Beeks Financial Cloud and owner of Velocimetrics, said: “Regulation and competition are driving the need for more intelligent collection, storing and analysis of data; the limiting factors have always been high cost and the need for dedicated hardware – our 100Gbps  monitoring system has now dramatically changed the cost / benefit ratio. Velocimetrics is leading the way in 100Gbps monitoring capabilities in the trading space, previously a pain-point for the industry as data volumes increase.”

He adds: “This solution uniquely allows companies to install across their existing tech estate and achieve major cost reductions and achieve significant speed and capacity advantages. The modular approach allows packet capture and telemetry to be split, giving trading participants the ability to use their standard trading servers and to deploy various monitoring and analytics capabilities at a time of their choosing.”

The demand for 100Gbps is being driven by a rapid and continuing growth in data volumes. However, monitoring network data at 100Gbps, rather than the existing ‘standard’ of 10Gbps, presents enormous challenges because of the tenfold increase in data. Velocimetrics is the first vendor to hit the necessary performance benchmark with a modular approach, creating a very cost-effective and flexible way of doing this, without having to buy expensive dedicated appliances. This new capability allows businesses to have complete visibility of their trading operations, and a forensic record of network traffic, at speeds which were previously impossible.

Having an increased ability to analyse all the data going through the network means companies can examine original network traffic and diagnose problem origins; the more trading companies understand their trading systems and trading success, the more competitive they can be: by refining trading strategies, creating real-time alerts when business or technical thresholds have been reached.

Velocimetrics’ 100Gbps monitoring software is being deployed by one of the major, global exchanges as the trading world is looking to move to this kind of capability; it is also being evaluated by a number of large trading firms.

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