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New TipOff functionality announced offering high performance automatic discovery of market data protocols

22nd Sep 2015

Beeks Analytics (formerly Velocimetrics), the provider of real-time business flow performance monitoring and analysis solutions, today announces the availability of new TipOff® functionality, enabling organisations to automatically discover which market data streams they are consuming and detect gaps in market data sequence numbers. This new high performance, automatic protocol discovery feature will dramatically slash the time, effort and costs associated in manually identifying which market data streams are present in an environment and maintaining this information on an on-going basis.

Today’s announcement will enable firms that consolidate, distribute or consume market data feeds to automatically discover which streams are moving across their infrastructure. By classifying and decoding the market data protocols against TipOff’s extensive and ever expanding library of decoders, market data sequence gaps can be accurately detected and detailed message rate statistics generated. All of which can be achieved at sustained speeds of over 1.2 million packets per second, per feed.

In the current trading environment it is not unusual for firms to find they are delivering or consuming market data from hundreds of different feeds. These firms may be providing clients with market connectivity but have little understanding of exactly which feeds are being transported or, in the case of consumers, be unaware which feeds are being used by different business units.

TipOff enables firms to effectively measure and manage performance across their extremely fast moving and high volume environments. When market data feeds are present in an environment before performance can be assessed, it is essential to be able to identify which feeds they are. TipOff’s new automatic protocol discovery feature will enable firms to very quickly get up and running, so they can then, for instance, start to:

  • Accurately detect latency issues across their market data feeds and determine opportunities for performance improvements
  • Conduct more effective capacity planning
  • Identify market data sequence gaps indicating quality issues, as incomplete data streams may be being used to formulate automated trading decisions

Commenting on this announcement Steve Rodgers, CTO Beeks Analytics stated:

‘We are pleased to announce the availability of this new TipOff feature, which has been added in response to requests from our clients. It will enable our users to significantly reduce the initial configuration and on-going maintenance overhead involved in sustaining up-to-date lists of which market data feeds are being consumed.’

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