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Latest range of TipOff appliances released delivering up to a 6-fold increase in storage capacity

25th Aug 2015

Beeks Analytics (formerly Velocimetrics), the provider of real-time business flow performance monitoring and analysis solutions, today announces the availability of a new range of high performance appliances, all of which offer significantly increased storage capacity.

The range includes the exceptionally high capacity V205 appliance, enabling TipOff® to retain up to 24TB (terabytes) of raw captured trading data or 160TB of compressed captured trading data on a single 2U appliance. In doing so, offering more than 6 times the storage capacity of previous TipOff appliances.

Many firms are increasingly looking for more cost effective means of storing large volumes of captured trading data that can then be forensically analysed, examined for compliance purposes or replayed in system and algorithmic testing environments. All appliances in the new range offer at least twice as much storage capacity compared to their predecessors, with the V205 offering extremely high capacity disks, double the RAM and faster CPU speeds, delivering exceptional storage and massive performance gains.

The release of the V205 appliance will enable TipOff clients to capture more data to disk and significantly accelerate the data decode process, enabling up to 48million market data ticks to be decoded per second ready for detailed analysis. The duration for which the data can then be stored has been extended, enabling for instance a steady 1Gbit/s (gigabit per second) stream of market data ticks to be retained for a rolling window of more than 9 weeks.

Storing this volume of data has traditionally presented considerable cost issues as multiple appliances or external data retention solutions such as NAS and SAN drives have also been required. This can cause datacentre fees to quickly increase due to associated hosting, power and cooling costs. The new appliance range will help clients to more effectively control these costs by consolidating the repository of much larger data volumes into a single appliance.

The availability of this latest range complements TipOff’s existing software only deployment option, which is suitable for implementation on both physical and virtual machines.

This announcement also marks an important strategic step for the company’s future product development plans as the new appliance range, whilst currently supporting TipOff, will also support upcoming releases of the Beeks Analytics solution. This consolidated appliance platform presents an essential building block in the company’s longer-term technical roadmap, which aims to take the very best features from each solution and build on these to more effectively address evolving industry developments and emerging client requirements.

Commenting on this announcement Steve Rodgers, Beeks Analytics’ CTO Beeks Analytics stated:

‘With this latest range of appliances, and in particular the release of the V205, our clients can now store a greater volume of captured data for significantly longer. It’s really all about enabling clients to make savings by maximising storage and performance whilst keeping costly data centre footprints as small as possible’

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