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Beeks add two Tier 1 clients

We've announced the signing of two additional substantial Tier 1 clients - a global investment management organisation, and a global bank.

Beeks GroupPress and communications
23rd Jul 2019

Beeks will provide the global investment management organisation with managed connectivity in order to support its fixed income platform. Our low-latency capabilities and strong network of pre-built connections allows us to supply a fully managed setup for the client’s operational requirements. The contract is worth approximately £500,000 over the initial two-year period.

With regards to the global bank, it has contracted with Beeks via a partner for the delivery of an initial proof of concept for a fixed income implementation. This proof of concept is revenue generating and is currently live with the bank. It is anticipated to be a pre-cursor to an extensive deployment with the client.

Gordon McArthur, CEO, commented: “Beeks Financial Cloud is growing the services we provide and therefore the variety of customers we can serve, as reflected by these exciting Tier 1 client wins. We are seeing growing interest from financial services organisations in managed cloud computing and connectivity. The resilience and scalability of our network, combined with our specialist financial services expertise, means we are increasingly well positioned to benefit from the growth of this market.”

These wins build on the announcement of our first Tier 1 customer in December 2018, from within the insurance customer, and add to our growing portfolio in the Fixed Income asset class.

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