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BeeksFX VPS X-Connect with Pepperstone

BeeksFX VPS are proud to announce one of the first X-Connected VPS in the world with the well known Australian broker Pepperstone.

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12th Jun 2012

A X-Connect is a direct fibre line within the same data centre between racks…this is quite simply the fastest way for a VPS to talk to a broker’s trading servers, there is no reliance on other data centres (if your VPS is in another data centre from the broker by the laws of physics you will be slower to the broker than a X-connect, no matter what you do.)

Using a X-Connect the messages travel a few metres down a dedicated fibre line.

This is why we get latencies as low as half a millisecond

64 bytes from icmp_seq=7 ttl=255 time=0.510 ms.

This X-Connect combined with the fact this is in NY4 where most of the world’s Forex liquidity resides means this set up cannot be matched for speed of execution

We are very excited to welcome Pepperstone traders to our network!

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