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Beeks Unveils Groundbreaking Initiative: Orange Groves in Data Centres

1st Apr 2024

Beeks Group introduces a pioneering initiative, combining technological innovation with agricultural production by integrating orange groves within our data centres, under the leadership of our Chief Orange Infrastructure Architect, Alfi Polor. This bold move demonstrates our commitment to sustainability, producing our own brand of premium frozen concentrated orange juice directly from our facilities. Additionally, this venture is bolstered by a favourable projected crop report, enhancing its appeal as a smart investment opportunity.

Emphasising Sustainability

This initiative exemplifies our dedication to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles, showing that technology and sustainability can coexist beneficially. By cultivating orange groves in our data centres, we’re setting a new standard for environmental responsibility in the tech industry.

Innovating for a Greener Future

Led by Alfi Polor, this project marries technology with agriculture, underscoring our role as pioneers in sustainable business practices. “Blending the worlds of tech and agriculture opens a new chapter in sustainability. It’s not just about the juice; it’s about squeezing every drop of possibility out of our commitment to the planet,” says Alfi Polor. It’s a step towards reducing our environmental footprint, demonstrating the feasibility of integrating green initiatives within the tech sector.

A Step Towards Sustainability

Our venture into producing frozen concentrated orange juice signifies more than an innovative product; it represents a shift towards more sustainable, environmentally conscious operations. Beeks Group is leading the way in demonstrating that technological advancement can go hand in hand with making a positive environmental impact.



If you’ve read up to this point and haven’t quite caught on, Happy April Fools! Sadly, we’re not actually planting orange groves in our data centres or launching our own brand of frozen concentrated OJ, and our esteemed colleague, Alfi Polor (a playful rearrangement of ‘April Fools’), is a fictional character.

But we do hope you had as much fun reading our story as we did writing it!

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