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Beeks’ Partner Portal

The Beeks' Partner Portal allows our clients to self customise their server, data centre location, composition and any cross-connects.

Beeks GroupPress and communications
5th Dec 2017

In November, we officially launched our new Beeks Partner Portal, a self-service programme that automates the creation of infrastructure so that clients can build their servers themselves.

We simply send a link to the portal and the client can choose whether they want a Virtual Private Server or Dedicated Server, choose their preferred data centre location, customise the composition of their server (such as upgrading memory or storage), and add any desired cross-connects.

This allows our customers to see the price as they customise their products without any back-and-forth to obtain sales quotes. By reducing human intervention, the speed and ease of the provision of products is greatly improved; a basic VPS can be ready in five minutes.

There are also alternative language options for our many international clients, again avoiding language barriers that arise from human interactions.

This has been in the works for a long time and is the only programme of its kind in the industry.

We are proud of this unique approach to our services. Many of our orders are standard requests therefore this method can help to greatly increase efficiency, and as a technology company, we like everything to be streamlined.

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