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Beeks launch new data centre in New York with NYI

Today we announced our partnership with NYI to launch our third New York data centre presence at 60 Hudson Street.

Beeks GroupPress and communications
15th Oct 2019

Beeks has partnered with global managed hybrid IT solutions provider, NYI, to launch a new location in NYI’s NY2 data centre at 60 Hudson Street in New York City, delivering additional options for redundancy and global connectivity.

NYI is well known for its expertise in managing infrastructure in the New York region. NYI’s NY2 facility will act as the offsite location for the Beeks Backup Service in New York. The data centre was selected due to its reputation for great resiliency as well as its strategic location at 60 Hudson Street, a famous carrier hotel that offers powerful connectivity advantages, with access to over 300 interconnected carriers and exchanges.

“We are delighted to be launching an additional location in New York for our Backup Service, which is currently available in London,” commented Alan Samuel, Chief Sales Officer at Beeks Financial Cloud. “60 Hudson Street is renowned for being one of the world’s most connected buildings, and offers our clients greater options with regards to backup redundancy, range of connectivity, and ultra-low latencies. I look forward to working with NYI to further increase the quality of our offering.”

With Beeks based in the UK, having local IT resources in New York is critical. With its high-touch approach, NYI will serve as an ideal partner, providing managed services and logistical support in the management of Beeks’ infrastructure and connectivity, both within NYI’s NY2 facility and in Beeks’ other New York locations including Equinix NY4.

“We are thrilled to welcome Beeks Financial Cloud to our 60 Hudson facility as one of our international clients,” added Phillip Koblence, NYI’s Co-Founder and COO. “NYI has a long history of serving the financial industry and understands the mission critical nature of having redundancy, low latency connectivity, and the right technical and logistical support to ensure infrastructure optimisation and reliability. We are excited to support Beeks here in the US.”

As Beeks Financial Cloud’s 12th global data centre, this new site will provide a highly secure, redundant location for the Beeks Backup Service in New York, to offer our clients protection of their server data, as well as comprehensive infrastructure management through NYI.

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