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Beeks announces rebrand of Velocimetrics ahead of new product launch

Beeks GroupPress and communications
30th Oct 2020

New Beeks Analytics brand reflects the Company’s mission to Connect Data in Motion and to continue the Velocimetrics history of innovation.


Beeks, a leader in cloud computing, connectivity and analytics for financial services have announced the decision to bring the recently acquired Velocimetrics product fully into the Beeks fold, and rebrand it as Beeks Analytics.

Matt Cretney, Head of Product Management for Beeks explained, “When we looked at where we wanted to take the Velocimetrics product, we felt the best way to get there was to promote it as part of Beeks. Our mission is to make the cloud work for financial markets. Providing our customers with a view of their trading performance right down to individual network packets, at microsecond resolution, is a critical element that financial firms struggle with in the cloud and which Beeks is now able to offer. “

Cretney also reconfirmed Beeks continued commitment to bringing the Beeks Analytics software and hardware to customers outside the Beeks Financial Cloud, including encouraging its usage on other cloud platforms.

“Everyone at Beeks feels strongly about the Beeks Analytics mission to Connect Data in Motion, and we are making a company-wide commitment to continue to invest in innovation in this area.”

“Having previously been involved in delivering trading services over the internet as well as over private networks to the trading community’s most demanding customers, I know how important sophisticated network analytics are here. The Beeks Analytics technology is the only solution that I see in the marketplace that can reliably capture at a sustained 100Gbps line rate and combine this with the microburst and gap detection, message decode and message correlation which financial firms need.”

From a legal perspective, the Velocimetrics Ltd legal entity will continue to operate, as a wholly owned subsidiary of Beeks Financial Cloud Group plc.

Velocimetrics founder Steve Colwill is leaving behind his day-to-day involvement in the company, although he will continue to be on the Beeks Group operations board.

Gordon McArthur, CEO, Beeks, said, “I’d like to thank Steve for his work in integrating the Velocimetrics team into Beeks, and to take this opportunity to celebrate his decade-long history of innovation as the founder and CEO of Velocimetrics. The whole team wishes him well.”

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