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Beeks announces appointment of former Nasdaq Technology Specialist, Zech Kottilil

20th Mar 2024

In a move that underscores its leadership and innovation in the financial technology infrastructure space, Beeks is thrilled to welcome Zech Kottilil as a Technical Pre-Sales Specialist. Zech is not just any addition to our team; he is a seasoned veteran in the field, bringing with him over 15 years of invaluable experience from giants like Nasdaq and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

At Beeks, where we stand at the core of technology and finance, providing cutting-edge Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and ultra-low latency solutions, Zech’s appointment marks a pivotal moment. His expertise, honed at the forefront of technological innovation within the financial industry, positions him uniquely to bridge the critical gap between our technical teams and our end users. It’s this bridge that promises a more efficient sales cycle and reinforced support for our clients and prospects, aligning perfectly with Beeks’ mission to deliver compliant, scalable, and robust technology solutions specifically designed for the low-latency capital markets and financial services sector.

Reflecting on his new role, Zech shared his excitement: “Joining Beeks feels like stepping onto the leading edge of financial services’ digital transformation. The sector is at a crucial turning point, and Beeks is propelling forward, offering unparalleled services. I am eager to contribute to this journey, guiding both current and future clients through the evolving landscape of financial technology.”

Gordon McArthur, CEO of Beeks, echoed Zech’s enthusiasm: “Having Zech join our team is a milestone for us. His profound knowledge and experience with cloud technologies will be instrumental as we continue to expand our services and solutions, ensuring our clients receive nothing but the best. Zech’s impact will be significant, enhancing both our sales process and our product delivery.”

Zech’s previous roles, including his significant contributions at Nasdaq as a Senior IT Specialist and at AWS as a Product Manager, have seen him leverage cloud technology to elevate trading infrastructures, demonstrating his capability to innovate and adapt in an ever-changing landscape. His vision for integrating technology with finance not only aligns with Beeks’ ethos but also enhances our capacity to serve the high-frequency trading community more effectively.

As Beeks continues to pioneer the future of financial technology infrastructure, Zech’s appointment is a clear testament to our commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer-centric solutions. We are more than just technology providers; we are partners in our clients’ success, understanding the complexities of today’s financial markets and delivering tailored solutions to meet those challenges head-on.

Join us in welcoming Zech Kottilil to the Beeks family. Together, we are set to redefine the boundaries of financial technology, making waves in the industry and helping our clients navigate through the digital transformation with ease and expertise.

Stay connected for more updates as we embark on this exciting journey with Zech, pushing the envelope and setting new standards in the financial technology infrastructure space.

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