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Beeks Anayltics partners with CloudShark for better data visibility

1st Dec 2017

Beeks Analytics (formerly Velocimetrics), the leading provider of real-time business flow tracking and performance analytics and CloudShark, the world’s first web-based packet capture management and analysis system have today announced a tie-up, which will enable traders, network operatives and financial IT specialists to have greater visibility into network packets of data.

Beeks Analytics and CloudShark have collaborated to develop a modular solution in response to the market’s demand for a more precise and transparent approach to network visibility, primarily due to regulatory demands, such as from MiFID II. It will allow financial institutions to take a forensic approach to any problems that arise on the network, caused by market anomalies, unauthorised trading behaviour and security issues. Taking advantage of the Velocimetrics high performance real-time packet and transaction capture, CloudShark allows users to inspect packet captures as a first rather than a last resort, in resolving network or security issues.

With this added CloudShark functionality, Beeks Analytics’ clients are now able to look at a particular trade or market data in the system and query the individual packets of data that make up that detail through a simple click through. Previously, large files of data would have to be downloaded, without the seamless link to the market data or trade detail. It’s much better to capture data in real-time, with all the associated analytics. This approach negates the possible security risks that are associated with moving sensitive data. The new functionality means the process is now automated, transparent and more secure.

Jason Walls, Director of Technical Marketing at CloudShark commented: “The trading environment is a new and exciting market for CloudShark’s technology to be deployed in. Our packet capture management and analysis expertise fits with the Beeks Analytics trade monitoring and performance analysis to build the perfect solution for the trading community seeking to get granular, deep insight into data anomalies within their networks.”

A representative of Beeks Analytics concurred: “The trading community is facing the mammoth task of staying compliant in a MiFID II environment. Giving financial institutions the ability to drill down into their trading data to extract the required level of detail, whilst causing minimal disruption to the trade flow and reducing security risk is an extremely compelling proposition for them. The integration of the CloudShark module within the Beeks Analytics solution has taken our proposition to the next level by supporting our highly modular, best in breed, approach to monitoring and tracking. We are delighted to announce our partnership.”

Key benefits of the joint proposition include:
• Cost benefit
• Complete visibility of data
• Reduced time to incident root cause determination
• Real time alerting of network level issues
• Increased security, due to network data staying protected in the system rather than being downloaded into higher risk locations.


About CloudShark

CloudShark is the world’s first web-based packet capture management and analysis system. It lets enterprise IT, eCommerce, banking, and security firms leverage packet captures a first rather than last resort in resolving network or security issues. The CloudShark system lets you do analysis right in your browser with intuitive tools, search across multiple captures with standard filters, and easily share with your customers or team using just a URL.

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