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Analytics gets major update with version 11.1

Matt CretneyHead of Product Management
25th Sep 2023

Beeks released version 11.1 of the Analytics powered by Beeks product line that brings the use of Grafana as Beeks user interface (UI) of choice.

Key highlights of version 11.1 include:

1. Improved REST API and Grafana data sources

New REST API and Grafana data sources have been introduced to enable the use of Grafana as the UI of choice. The REST API allows third parties to easily integrate Beeks Analytics into their existing in-house systems while Grafana data sources make it quick for users to produce sophisticated feature-rich dashboards, making it easy to introduce power features such as comprehensive real-time alerting capability.

Beeks clients can now get instant alerts of their customer’s experience or problems affecting their trading or pricing.

2. Improved Item Trace

Beeks’ comprehensive Item Trace capability has been upgraded to work with the Grafana Trace functionality. Item Trace provides seamless user exploration of order entry timings as well as the relationship between order messages. The power of the Beeks Analytics correlation and association modelling unlocks real-time performance analytics of complicated order flows.

3. Grafana transition

Beeks is continually incorporating new features to facilitate the transition to using Grafana as a UI, with the included Out-Of-The-Box (OOTB) dashboard now providing:

  • Traffic Statistics
    • IP: Inbound/Outbound bandwidth & microburst’s
    • TCP: Inbound/Outbound packet rate, loss rate, round trip & out of sequence messages
    • UDP: Inbound packet rate & bandwidth
    • Trading: Inbound/Outbound latency & flow rate
    • Market Data: Inbound gap detection, message rate, wire time & microburst’s
  • A/B Comparison Visualisation
  • Advanced Order Entry Item Trace

4. Out-of-the-Box system configuration & management

The new configuration system makes setting up and managing a system simpler and quicker, and the base OOTB implementation can be up and running for new clients in days, giving immediate results.

“This is the second major update of our Analytics product line this year,” comments Matt Cretney, Head of Product at Beeks. “This latest iteration provides significant benefits to Beeks clients, including a new flexible dashboard user experience through Grafana.”

“These releases also enable easier integration points for clients to use the power of Beeks Analytics within their own applications,” Matt continues, “The setup experience for Beeks Analytics has been reimagined from the ground up, allowing the product to reach new users who don’t have the time or resources for more complicated configuration tasks.”

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