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Why is speed of the utmost importance in analytics?

2nd Aug 2023

In 21st century capital markets trade transactions take between 0.2 – 0.9 seconds to execute.

With millions of transactions taking placing at lightning speed firms need ultra-low latency compute in order to participate.

To gain competitive edge organisations need speedy analytics that helps them keep ahead of the game, and win the trade execution race. Any delay can result in missing the best prices, and negatively impacting the bottom line.

Capital markets businesses must deploy complex algorithmic compute to analyse a multitude of ever-changing market conditions. Glitches in operational performance or decision-making incurs the risk of slippages and lost trades.

In fast-paced, dynamic financial markets businesses need accurate, real-time information delivered securely, reliably and at speed onto their network. Analytics that cannot keep pace with the speed of the markets are futile.

Analytics as a Service

By availing of analytics as a managed service, firms will benefit from analytics technology tailored to the capital markets

Infrastructure providers in global trading hubs can spin up analytics capability immediately, giving business access to tried and tested performance with the necessary security, compliance and resilience protocols already in place. This applies over established networks and cross-connects in co-locations, public, private and hybrid cloud environments.

Beeks’ offering

For an accessible monthly subscription Beeks Analytics offers an intelligent solution to monitor your transactions with the precision timing required in financial markets, link complex transactions together, connect them with market data or other drivers, and link back to network packets.

Beeks Analytics as a Service is an important element of cloud-based infrastructure service provision, helping organisations monitor, track and analyse performance from the bottom-up, and take action when required to ensure speed, reduce latency, resolve network traffic issues and improve profitability.

In addition, scanning the complete data processing horizon from within one platform guarantees a unified view, preventing costly duplications and silo working.

Partnered with Beeks Cloud infrastructure Beeks Analytics provides a level of performance insight that other hyperscale cloud providers would not be able to access.   |

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