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Why is mastering quality data essential for capital markets?

23rd May 2023

Data is Money


21st century capital markets’ trading activity is focused entirely on digital representations of liquidity, currency, and stocks. Data drives the entire operation. Without it the business cannot exist.

The better capital markets participants can master the quality of their data, the more successful and profitable their trades will be, and the greater their competitive edge.

The name of the game is to ‘make more money’ than the next firm. These days that phrase is synonymous with ‘have the best data’.

The meaning of quality

In capital markets quality data displays several interconnected characteristics.

To traders, data quality hinges on speed, accuracy, and effectiveness. For analysts it means these things plus completeness and integrity. For stakeholders and investors, it also means security, reliability, and compliance.

These – along with the intelligence and sophistication with which the data is treated – are what drives competitive edge.

From legacy to cloud

The proliferation of data from diverse sources, whether it is reference data, tick to trade, market movements, or organisational network metrics, generates quite a soup.

The task of sieving and sorting the different components and, from them, deriving business insights to aid activity and decision-making is exceedingly complex and mission critical.

Legacy environments typically apply intelligent algorithms to the broadest context of business data they can. However, the data associated with network connectivity and performance is more elusive, if indeed it exists at all.

The advent of Cloud technology means that infrastructure plays a much more active part in the operation of capital markets. Without a platform there is no business. And a platform whose performance cannot be measured and monitored cannot provide the undisputed confidence that the data it is handling is of the highest quality, in all senses of the word.

Mastering quality business and telemetry data

The stark truth is that capital markets firms cannot master their business data quality without mastering network performance telemetry data.

Businesses that want to gain a competitive edge, increase revenues, improve ROI, and take advantage of new opportunities need a holistic, unified view of all the data activity on their platform.

They need to identify risks, detect gaps, monitor latency, and have automated strategies for remedial action. With keen data management techniques organisations have greater visibility of their data quality through infrastructural monitoring.

Analytics-as-a-Service (AaaS)

Monitoring data quality needs to be standard practise, designed, and deployed specifically for the volumes, quality, accuracy, speed, reliability, and efficiency required by capital markets participants.

Taking control of analytics at an infrastructural level means that the platform upon which data is processed is subject to the same rigorous monitoring as the data itself, ensuring that the information flows are not introducing any risk or opportunity cost.

Implementing a proprietary monitoring platform is costly and adds a further layer of complexity into an already complex technical environment.

Having the option of a readymade analytics offering with a month-to-month commitment can deliver more immediate, affordable, and direct benefit.

Analytics as a Service is an important element of cloud-based infrastructure service provision, helping organisations monitor, track, and analyse performance from the bottom-up, and take action when required to reduce latency, resolve network traffic issues, and drive the business insights needed to improve profitability.

In addition, scanning the complete data processing horizon from within one platform guarantees a unified view, preventing costly duplications and silo working.

Beeks offering

For an accessible monthly subscription Beeks Analytics offers an innovative, secure, dedicated, and cost-effective analytics service that is tailor-made to the requirements of financial trading environments.

Beeks Analytics also provides an intelligent telemetry solution to monitor your transactions with the precision timing required in financial markets, link complex transactions together, connect them with market data or other drivers, and link back to network packets.

Beeks Analytics as a Service provides readymade analytics that can deliver the quality of business and telemetry data that firms need. Beeks Analytics-as-a-Service is immediately available on an affordable pay-monthly basis with a rapid, easy onboarding process, customers can quickly get the analytics they need, with the option of transitioning to a dedicated infrastructure solution as their requirements grow.

Beeks Analytics is also available as an appliance to monitor on-premises trading and market data infrastructure and can also be consumed as a CapEx purchase.

Partnered with Beeks Financial Cloud infrastructure, Beeks Analytics provides a level of performance insight that other hyperscale cloud providers are not able to access.

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