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Velocimetrics has changed its name to Beeks Analytics

4th Dec 2020

This website will close at the end of the year and redirect to the Beeks site.


Velocimetrics has changed its name to Beeks Analytics to reflect the company’s transition into leading cloud computing, connectivity and analytics provider for financial services, Beeks.

The rebranding includes a rebrand of the company’s website, logo, graphics, communications and correspondence to integrate with the Beeks Group identity.

The Velocimetrics website will move to the main Group website:  

Velocimetric’s new brand assets include a simplified, Beeks blue-and-white logo, along with a suite of service icons and other visual communications that utilise simple, bold graphics to convey complex solutions in an understandable way.

Customer FAQ

Q: Will any of my legal paperwork change?
A: The Velocimetrics Ltd legal entity will continue to operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of Beeks Financial Cloud Group plc. There are no changes to your contracts.

Q: Will any of my support, product or sales contacts change?
A: Your existing contacts remain place.

Q: Can I expect any changes to my product as a result of this change?
A: No changes will be made to the current versions of the product that you are using. With future versions of the product, you will notice that visual references to Velocimetrics will be replaced. No changes are planned to Velocimetrics references that are functional rather than visual – e.g. in java classpaths, API references, directory structures, etc.

Q: Can I still use for support and software downloads?
A: We recognise that many clients use for software downloads and support, and that it is heavily embedded in many users’ workflows. Although we will be updating the look & feel of the Velocimetrics support portal, we will not be changing the URL that you use to access it.

Q: What will be happening to the website?
A: Over the next few weeks, we will be moving the active content from to the Beeks website. There is a dedicated section of this website for Beeks Analytics. Once this process is complete, we will be shutting down the separate website.

This page will be kept up to date as we progress with the rebrand. Please check back in here regularly, or ask your Beeks sales and support team to keep you updated.

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