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New ‘as-a-Service’ product launch helped by the Velocimetrics acquisition

Beeks GroupPress and communications
11th Jan 2021

Financial Markets INSIGHTS report from Equinix and The Realization Group

Case Study: Analytics-as-a-Service


The Financial Markets Insights report, The Ongoing Evolution of Cloud in Capital Markets from Equinix and The Realization Group includes learnings from Beeks Chief Executive Officer, Gordon McArthur, about the challenges and opportunities of utilising public, private and hybrid cloud to build out unique ‘as-a-Service’ offerings.

Gordon explained how a recent acquisition has helped his firm offer a new ‘as-a-Service’ product to financial markets firms.

“Beeks bought a company called Velocimetrics during 2020, which was a trading analytics company that does full trade lifecycle monitoring. That was originally offered as an appliance that sat in a customer’s datacentre or a customer’s environment. We’ve now launched Beeks Analytics-as-a-Service in two Equinix data centres: Equinix LD4 in London and Equinix NY4 in New York. We’ve brought together this software platform and our infrastructure platform to provide sell-side banks with Analytics-as-a-Service, including web console, for a monthly fee, with no infrastructure deployment, offering immediate time to value.

“This type of service is hugely business-beneficial to banks and brokers, but it’s always been expensive and difficult to deploy. A lot of banks themselves would like to offer that out to their clients, but the deployment model had not previously allowed that. By offering it as a SaaS platform within the Equinix environment, our early adopter customers are already thinking about how, as well as consuming it themselves, they can now package it up as a service to their end clients.

“Every client we’ve talked to about this, we’ve asked if they want to go the traditional model, where we sell them a server and they run it, or do they want us to run it for them? And every one has chosen the latter.

“And because we can now connect directly to any third party in the Equinix ecosystem, all of a sudden, this product has gone from a complex environment that firms had to manage themselves, to being able to cross-connect into Beeks as the service provider, where we consume the data, analyse it, and offer it to them and their clients on a monthly-fee-based system.

“That’s a very powerful and strong story on why this SaaS financial ecosystem cloud enablement brings immediate business value, with cost reduction to banks, brokers and their clients.”

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