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21st Mar 2018

Word from the head of Beeks Analytics

As 2018 hurtles along, we – in the trading technology world – are already way past the MiFID II deadline. It might be interesting to see who will take a hit from the regulator first, but as an industry, we are noticing a real shift in banking from a focus on regulation to one on growth and profitability.

Of course, the MiFID II box hasn’t been completely ticked – there will be on-going issues and financial institutions need to keep ahead of the game, but now they can begin to assess the cost of compliance to the business and focus on strategies to grow and improve margins. If you agree, take a look at our other predictions for the year.

I hope you enjoy the update on our company and our thoughts on what’s happening in trading technology.


Goldman Sachs ex COO of research to join as NED

Beeks Analytics is over the moon to announce the hire of Richard Tufft, ex co chief operating officer of research at Goldman Sachs, to our board as a non-executive director. Richard believes that Beeks Analytics is uniquely positioned to help institutions build on their reporting and monitoring investment to look at opportunities for growth.

Beeks Analytics makes senior hire in development team

We are delighted to announce the hire of fintech expert Simon Forey to our development team. Simon will lead a front-end development team and is responsible for refining and improving the user experience in the Beeks Analytic’ product suites.

MiFID II delivery success

We have recently completed a number of MiFID II compliance projects in record-breaking time. Our clients selected the Beeks Analyticssolution to help them meet MiFID II obligations. The solution enables high accuracy time stamping of data captured in networks, which can then be decoded so messages can be analysed in real time and stored for later use, crucial for MiFID II compliance. An important consideration for our clients was that the tools flex to allow for last minute changes to the scope of MiFID II projects.

Two heads are better than one….

Beeks Analytics is excited to announce we have partnered with Cloudshark, the world’s first web-based packet capture management and analysis system. We have collaborated to develop a modular approach, which will allow financial institutions to take a forensic approach to any problems that arise on the network, caused by market anomalies, unauthorized trading behavior and security issues.

STAC them up

This month Beeks Analytics has joined the STAC Benchmark Council, which is comprised of over 300 financial institutions and more than 50 vendor organizations. Its purpose is to discuss technical challenges and solutions in financial services and develop technology benchmark standards that are useful to financial organizations.

Issue of the month…

Clock synchronization blog
With the MiFID II deadline behind us, clock synchronization is still a massive issue to financial institutions. Stitching together the complex flows of trading systems and the different clocks they use and being able to timestamp within applications as well as on the network requires a considerable effort. So what’s best practice? And how can institutions do it better?

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