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New white paper – Why effective payment incident management now demands real-time, actionable insight

25th Apr 2016

Every year banks spend millions managing incidents that occur in their payment platforms.  These costs are largely swallowed up resourcing the process of finding, resolving and remediating the incident’s fall out, processes that are still in many banks predominantly manual.  The reason why costs often quickly escalate is because when an incident occurs, managers don’t have access to the data, business details and tracking information necessary to make fully informed decisions in a timely manner.  These undesirable delays escalate costs; prove resource intensive and detrimental to client experience.

Download this white paper to explore these challenges, understand why so many firms look to big data for the answer and find it doesn’t resolve their problems,  and why industry-leading firms are now taking advantage of the latest developments in real-time, transaction tracking technology to deliver this much needed actionable insight.

To download the white paper please click here

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