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New White Paper – Beyond Monitoring: Where is your solution on the business value spectrum?

14th Mar 2016

Over recent years, the technology available to support IT monitoring for trading and payment processing environments has matured at a considerable rate.  Whilst previous solutions limited firms to reacting to incidents, recent developments now enable users to accurately forecast upcoming problems using predictive analytics. With this insight they can then take proactive action, often entirely avoiding the problem occurring at all.

Monitoring is no longer just about technology that can detect infrastructure problems.  Today’s solutions also enable users to precisely comprehend the real business implications of these issues.  So when an incident occurs, they can immediately understand their exposure in business terms and all teams from technical support through to client-facing groups can access the relevant, actionable insight required to make quick and effective decisions.  So users can:

  • Improve client experience levels
  • Avoid regulatory and client SLA breaches
  • Reduce operational costs
  • And increase profitability levels

This new white paper “Beyond Monitoring: Where is your solution on the business value spectrum” explores the trajectory of advancements currently taking place in the world of monitoring, and the real business and client value that contemporary approaches are now delivering.

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