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Is telemetry necessary for analytics?

Defined as the automatic measurement and wireless transmission of data from remote sources, is Telemetry the answer for analytics? Beeks Group Investigates...

28th Nov 2023

Telemetry is defined as the automatic measurement and wireless transmission of data from remote sources.

In a highly dynamic and fast-paced trading environment, where data is being gathered and aggregated from disparate places, and where performance, accuracy, timeliness and security are vital characteristics, analytics without holistic and comprehensive telemetry is no longer viable.

Legacy vs Cloud

In a legacy environment the visibility of network activity is exceedingly limited. Polling mechanisms do not provide the regularity nor the granularity required to monitor the entire capital markets infrastructure.

With the multitude of variables in cloud based technology it is more crucial than ever that the whole eco-system of capital markets’ networks, connectivity, operating systems, applications and containerised processes is under constant automated surveillance.

Unified view

Not only that, it is also critical that analytics applications can detect and alert any threats, gaps and slippages that may be occurring in real-time on the network. For this performance management telemetry providing a unified view of everything that is happening on the network is a fundamental necessity in capital markets analytics.

Types of Telemetry

Tick to trade

Financial markets move in the minutest quanta of time. Nano-second ultra-low latency is required to monitor tick to trade intervals, during which the market price shift is acknowledged, algorithmically treated, and a trade decision executed.

At each point in the journey towards sell or buy the tick to trade process needs to be tracked. This is the only way to obtain the proper insights into how or why performance might be dipping. And this provides the most accurate target for remedial action.

Activity detection

Bandwidth utilisation and microbursts of network activity can also be monitored.

Just like Smart Motorways any delays, bottle-necks and breakdowns can be pin-pointed in detail to understand where there are problems with network devices, and to go into much closer inspection than averaging out bandwidth usage.

Enhanced network trouble-shooting

The ability to faithfully capture and store network packets gives firms greater scope for more targeted drilling down when issues arise.

The provision of seamless and simplified packet capture capability in cloud performance management telemetry eliminates the need for extra hardware to support proprietary monitoring technology.

Market data decoding

Comprehensive performance management, latency monitoring and capacity planning are not possible without knowing which market data feeds are flowing through the network.

Market data protocols must be classified and decoded against an extensive and ever expanding library of decoders.

Gap Detection

With a detailed and reliable decoding protocol, market data sequence gaps can be accurately detected and detailed message rate statistics generated.

Round the clock monitoring

Real-time state streaming, automated tracking, and the automatic definition of baselines according to the behaviour of packets, apps, data sources or users ensures intelligent telemetry is a continuous feature of capital markets analytics.

The reactive panic and confusion when something breaks is a thing of the past, with increased visibility of network metrics and actionable insights, adding value to capital markets businesses.

Beeks’ offering

For an accessible monthly subscription Beeks Analytics offers an intelligent telemetry solution to monitor your transactions with the precision timing required in financial markets, link complex transactions together, connect them with market data or other drivers, and link back to network packets.

Beeks Analytics as a Service is an important element of cloud-based infrastructure service provision, helping organisations monitor, track and analyse performance from the bottom-up, and take action when required to reduce latency, resolve network traffic issues and improve profitability.

In addition, scanning the complete data processing horizon from within one platform guarantees a unified view, preventing costly duplications and silo working.

Partnered with Beeks Cloud infrastructure Beeks Analytics provides a level of performance insight that other hyperscale cloud providers would not be able to access.   |

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