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How does hybrid cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) work?

23rd Aug 2022

Hybrid cloud IaaS combines private and public cloud utilisation. This works best when private and public access points are situated in the same physical location.

The architecture combines on premise resources with single-tenant private cloud access and connectivity to the public cloud, while allowing these different environments to function as one.


Location. Location. Location

The closer private cloud access is to public cloud the better.

Having an exclusive private cloud network within a data centre that has secure and direct connectivity to public cloud environments gives a level of proximity that results in micro-second latency to the public cloud access point.


The importance of low latency

Some financial applications do not work if latency is over 4-5 milliseconds, due to replication demands. This is why it is crucial to have the private and public environments geographically close.

Generally an organisation’s ‘crown jewels’ financial trading applications will reside on a private cloud or within their own data centre. Proximity to public cloud resources enables businesses to get the best out of their most important applications, by using public cloud-based enterprise resources to do the analytical processing.


Cost mitigation

Public Cloud ingress/egress data charges can often be cost prohibitive.

Financial applications, with trade and market data residing on the public cloud, means that analytical processing can to take place on the private cloud without the data having to leave the public cloud and incur unnecessary charges.

Financial applications, with trade and market data residing on the public cloud, allows analytical processing can to take place on the private cloud without the data having to leave the public cloud. This mitigates data ingress and egress costs.


Multiple environments functioning as one

Hybrid Cloud IaaS gives businesses the dynamic experience of a single network environment with multiple connections. The hybrid architecture brings together private and public environments securely and efficiently. Office and enterprise functionality such as Office 365, Oracle HR, Salesforce and Xero can reside on hyperscaler’s networks of public cloud providers such as Azure, Oracle, Google or AWS.

Hybrid cloud allows for increased flexibility as processes can be moved dynamically across environments according to cost, performance and security needs.


Private and secure connectivity

Capital markets operate in the world’s highest grade data centres, which do not have any public internet access. This ensures privacy and security for the most sensitive and mission critical data.

To obtain purely private hybrid cloud architecture, the network traffic bypasses the internet using ethernet fabric switching solutions. This enables connectivity directly to public cloud networks and service providers without touching the internet.


Subscription Model

Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) enables organisations to convert CapEx technology investments to OpEx by out-sourcing the implementation and maintenance of the entire cloud environment and taking advantage of the economies of scale achievable by specialist network connectivity providers.

Organisations benefit from month-to-month pay-as-you-go subscription to a hybrid cloud environment without compromising performance or security.


Beeks’ offering

As specialists in the technical infrastructure underpinning capital markets trading, Beeks Group is highly experienced and knowledgeable about all the different permutations of private, public and hybrid cloud capabilities, and how far these are suitable for the needs of financial institutions.

We offer secure, high-performance, guaranteed low latency hybrid cloud Infrastructure as a Service all around the globe, and can accommodate exclusive, single-tenant security requirements, as well as replication of hosting.

Whilst Beeks recognises the cost-effective value of public cloud shared resources offering businesses services, we also recommend a ‘horses for courses’ approach. This means ensuring that our customers align the importance of their workload with the relevant solution. Hybrid cloud IaaS delivers flexibility and choice with no compromise to security, privacy or performance.

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