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Hello 2018, a big year for Fintech

Let us be the first to wish a Happy New Year to all of our Beeks customers, and to welcome you into a new year of trading.

Beeks GroupPress and communications
9th Jan 2018

2018 looks like it’s shaping up to be a big one in the fintech industry, what with the continued explosion of the cryptocurrency markets, the controversy surrounding it and the surge of new currencies being created to rival the success of Bitcoin.

We are also likely to see more of the impact that innovations such as Blockchain and IoT technologies will have on efficiency in companies in this sector.

It will be a busy first few months for Beeks, with a lot of post-Christmas activity.

Preparations are also underway for iFX Asia Expo in Hong Kong on 23 rd January. We will once again be hosting a booth, so make sure you’re signed up – we look forward to seeing you!

Finally, there are likely to be some big things happening this year, so stay tuned…

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