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Exclusive license for TipOff® and Application Tap®

Beeks GroupPress and communications
1st Jul 2014

In July 2014, Beeks Analytics (formerly Velocimetrics) gained an exclusive license to sell and maintain the TipOff® and Application Tap® product range developed by TS-Associates.

Complementing Velocimetrics’ existing product line, licensing TipOff and Application Tap will enable Velocimetrics to offer a full-spectrum product suite from network-level analysis and high-volume packet capture, to complex business flow correlation and analysis.

To provide visitors with further information about the TS-Associates technology licensing agreement, please find below frequently asked questions and answers:

What is TipOff? 

TipOff is a network analysis and data flow latency monitoring appliance.

Offering 100% packet capture, TipOff enables users to gain a detailed understanding of their network activity providing bandwidth and nanoburst analysis, alerting, retransmission analysis and TCP troubleshooting, accompanied by highly accurate and non-invasive latency monitoring.

What is Application Tap?

The Application Tap product provides accelerated application event instrumentation using hardware and software off-load techniques.

Has Velocimetrics acquired TS-Associates?

No, Velocimetrics has secured an exclusive worldwide license for the intellectual property rights of TS-Associates’ TipOff and Application Tap products within the financial services industry.  The licensing agreement allows Velocimetrics to offer on-going maintenance to TipOff and Application Tap users, and to develop and enhance these products.

Why has Velocimetrics secured the TipOff and Application Tap licensing agreement?

Velocimetrics considers the TipOff and Application Tap products as complimentary to its own business-focused solution.  Having also secured the rights to develop and market these technologies alongside, and integrated with, its own product means Velocimetrics can extend its existing offering to a full-spectrum product suite.  This development will enable Velocimetrics to provide detailed network-level analysis and high-volume packet capture through to complex business flow correlation and analysis.  

How does this agreement benefit users of TipOff and Application Tap?

This agreement enables Velocimetrics to provide the TipOff and Application Tap products with a long-term future and their users with the assurance that they will be able to continue to benefit from their existing investment in these innovative solutions.

How does this licensing agreement affect the development and availability of TipOff and Application Tap?

Velocimetrics plans to continue to maintain and develop these products, and the company is currently working on a technical roadmap that will look to enhance the overall product set and determine future integration plans.

In addition to securing the licensing agreement, Velocimetrics has also appointed the key members of the TipOff and Application Tap engineering and support team.  In doing so, Velocimetrics is able to continue to apply the deep knowledge and expertise developed by the team to the future of the product set.

Will new copies of TipOff and Application Tap be available for purchase?

Yes, as part of the licensing agreement Velocimetrics will be selling TipOff and Application Tap to new users.  If you would like to become a future adopter of this solution please contact

Who should I contact for on-going maintenance and product support?

The process for raising on-going maintenance requests or product support is exactly the same as it was before.  For on-going maintenance queries and for all additional queries please contact

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