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6th Apr 2021


The problem

Itexsys is an independent technology firm that helps customers start and grow their own brokerages. New to the cloud space, the company was fully advised and guided by their previous provider. When they needed to failover but found themselves unable to, they realized they had been badly misinformed about their setup. The company’s backup server was situated in the same rack as its live server — the provider told Itexsys’ tech support team that this setup had been changed, but when they needed to failover for the second time, they faced the exact same problem.

The solution

After a year with its previous cloud provider, Itexsys decided to make a switch. The company still needed the same cloud services, but it needed them to be more dependable. In January 2016, they decided to switch to Beeks Financial Cloud.

The result

Since partnering with Beeks, Itexsys has had zero downtime, which has increased customer satisfaction. The client also saved costs, paying Beeks a quarter of what it paid its previous provider, all while receiving a higher quality of service.

Key takeaways

  • Zero downtime
  • Cost savings
  • Better dependability


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