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Audacity Capital

6th Apr 2021

Key takeaways

  • Reduced latency
  • Optimized infrastructure
  • Better efficiency


The problem

Audacity Capital, a Dubai-based proprietary trading firm, needed to revamp its infrastructure to adapt to a changing technology landscape. As trading has become more automated, firms are depending more than ever on processing power, data storage and connectivity. Traditionally, firms have housed these servers themselves, both in-house and co-located at exchanges. But Audacity realized a strategic connectivity partnership could lead to a far more efficient infrastructure.


The Beeks solution

After an extensive search, Audacity selected Beeks Financial Cloud as its connectivity and server hosting solution — in other words, Audacity would host its infrastructure in Beeks’ cloud, pairing the advantages of co-location with the power of modern cloud computing.


The result

The result is a combination of flexibility, scalability, reliability and ultra low-latency that was previously not possible for Audacity. The company’s new infrastructure is more optimized, and Beeks’ dependability means that Audacity can focus its energy and resources elsewhere.


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